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Immmanitas Entertainment enthüllt Informationen zum Strategie-Titel Frozen Hearth

Posted on 11 Dez 2012 in Neuigkeiten | Comments Off on Immmanitas Entertainment enthüllt Informationen zum Strategie-Titel Frozen Hearth

Frozen Hearth is an exciting and innovative mix of RPG and RTS and will be published by Immanitas Entertainment in Q4 2012 for PC and digital download platforms.

Berlin (22nd August 2012) – With “Frozen Hearth”, developed by Epiphany Games, Immanitas Entertainment is looking to shake up the world of strategy games later on this year. With an enticing storyline set in an original “Dark Fantasy” world, the game combines fast-paced RTS action reminiscent of League of Legends with RPG elements, allowing players to improve and customise their characters.

Players take control of a hero of the bellicose Danaan peoples and jump right into the action. The Danaan homelands are being threatened by strange ice demons, the Shangur, who are transforming everything into an ice desert. Being confronted by such an overwhelming enemy force the Danaan’s only hope of survival is flight. Using their tactical cunning players must build and command their forces, train heroes and use dozens of skills, spells and items to try and save as many of the Danaan as possible. With many options available to upgrade the main hero of the game, players can adapt and develop their own strategies for escaping the Shangur menace.

The game is split into three Acts with 18 varied missions, which can also be played co-operatively with other players. Beyond the story experience fans of strategy games will also be able to jump into frantic and epic multiplayer battles with various game modes.

Frozen Hearth will be released in Q4 2012 and will be available for purchase in retail stores and via digital download platforms.

Title:             Frozen Hearth
Platform:         PC
Genre:            Strategie/RPG
Developer:         Epiphany Games
Planned release:     Q4 2012

Press Contact:
Immanitas Entertainment PR

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