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Indie RTS “Frozen Hearth” now available!

Posted on 27 Dec 2012 in Latest News | Comments Off on Indie RTS “Frozen Hearth” now available!

Berlin, 27th November 2012 – The international multi-platform publisher Immanitas Entertainment has released the indie title Frozen Hearth today. Drawing its influences from various genres and games, Frozen Hearth skillfully combines RTS with RPG elements and is set in an exciting dark fantasy world. Players can now purchase the title from various digital download platforms for a price of 19.99 € / 24.99$ / 17,99 GBP.

The main storyline of Frozen Hearth, which can also be played cooperatively with another player, spans 22 missions divided into three acts. The homeworld of the Danaan, Amorra, is under Threat from the demonic Shangur, who are slowly turning the lush lands into a desolate, icy wasteland. The player takes control of a Danaan hero, who is leading a group of refugees to safety whilst amassing troops to fend off the advancing foes. Throughout the campaign the hero becomes more powerful and is able to use stronger weapons and magic and lead more units into battle.

Beyond the main campaign which will last around six hours, Frozen Hearth also offers extensive multiplayer action: five different game modes including Skirmish, Assassination, Attrition, King of the Hill and Crucible. Multiplayer battles can be fought alone or in teams across a multitude of different maps, giving players many different options to perfect their strategy to dominate their adversaries.

For the future, Immanitas Entertainment and developer Epiphany Games are also planning a number of updates that will offer lots of additional content.

– Action-packed mix of RTS and RPG
– Exciting campaign spanning 22 missions, that can be played along and cooperatively
– Two playable factions: the bellicose Danaan and bloodthirsty Shangur with 11 different unit types each
– RPG-style character development with various skills, magic and weapons
– Balanced and thought-out base building with main structures and various sub-structures
– Fast-paced multiplayer action via internet and LAN, with various game modes

Frozen Hearth is available now on the following digital download platforms: Gamersgate (link), Impulsedriven (link), Gamestop (link), Desura (link), GetGames (link). More digital download platforms will follow shortly.

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