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Frozen Hearth – full overview of multiplayer modes

Posted on 07 Dec 2012 in Latest News | 1 comment

Berlin, 6th November 2012 – The international multi-platform publisher Immanitas Entertainment is announcing further details about the multiplayer game modes of it’s upcoming strategy title Frozen Hearth, which will be released on 29th November and skillfully combines RTS and RPG gameplay elements.

The story in Frozen Hearth follows the Danaan’s battle for survival against the vicious ice demons, the Shangur. The story’s three Acts covering a total of 20 missions can be played as a single-player campaign or together with a friend via co-op mode. For fans multiplayer action Immanitas Entertainment and Epiphany Games are now providing details of the five game modes:


Be the last player or team of players to have a stronghold still standing. The map will have resource nodes and be a fairly typical sort of RTS game – build a base, collect resources, amass an army and destroy opponents. This game type can be team-based, or every person for themselves.
Win Condition: Be the last team standing.
Lose Condition: When a player’s stronghold is totally destroyed.


This game type requires that players manage their forces carefully. Players are given a finite amount of ‘tickets’ (determined in the game settings panel in the lobby) – these tickets are lost whenever units are killed by the enemy. When a Player’s tickets are reduced to 0, that player is defeated and removed from the game, regardless of how many Units they may have remaining. This game type can be team-based, or every person for themselves. Players are given a single resource-type (currently labelled ‘coins’) with which to purchase Units, Structures, Research, etc.

Win Condition: Be the last team standing.
Lose Condition: When a player’s stronghold is totally destroyed or they run out of tickets.


The objective of this map-type is to assassinate the Avatar of the opposing player/s. The map can have resource Nodes, and play exactly like a ‘Skirmish’ map. This game type can be team-based, or every person for themselves.

Win Condition: Be the last team standing.
Lose Condition: When a player’s stronghold is completely destroyed or their team has lost an avatar (x) times.

King of the Hill

This game mode requires players to lay claim to strategic points on the map, as soon as a team has control of more than 50% of the strategic points a countdown timer begins.

Win Condition: Hold the more than 50% of the strategic points for (X) cumulative time.
Lose Condition: When a player’s stronghold and army is completely destroyed.


This map is based more firmly in the ‘Action-RTS’ genre, and accordingly designed to function in a similar manner to DoTA and its clones. This game-type only functions with a single purpose-built Map, which will be a 4 vs 4 or 2 vs 2 map. The ultimate object of this game-type is to destroy opposing Strongholds/Glaciers. In this map there are Towers, which each side controls an even number of at the start of the map. The players must first destroy and then ‘capture’ these turrets, like a resource node. When the turret is captured, it joins that player’s team, and spreads/removes Ice, just like a resource node. There is a single resource-type h to purchase Units, Structures, Research, etc Players earn more ‘Coins’ by killing enemy units, and there is a slow ‘trickle’ of ‘Coins’ provided by the Stronghold.

Win Condition: When all opposing Stronghold(s)/Glacier(s) are destroyed.
Lose Condition: When a player’s Stronghold/Glacier is destroyed, they are removed from the game.

Titel: Frozen Hearth
Plattform: PC (digital + Box)
Genre: RTS / RPG
Entwickler: Epiphany Games
Erscheinungstermin: 29th November 2012
Preis: 19,99€

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About Immanitas Entertainment GmbH:
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