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Official Website and Trailer for Frozen Hearth now online

Posted on 15 Dec 2012 in Latest News | Comments Off on Official Website and Trailer for Frozen Hearth now online

The international multi-platform publisher Immanitas Entertainment announced and launched the official Frozen Hearth website today. Along with the website the first official teaser trailer also gives some great first impressions of the game. Both the website and trailer can be found here:

Frozen Hearth skillfully combines real-time strategy with roleplaying game mechanics and offers both an exciting single player campaign that can also be played cooperatively as well as a raft of multiplayer game modes.

Players find themselves engulfed in Danaan’s fight for survival as their home world of Amorra is overrun by cruel and bloodthirsty ice demons. These strange creatures, also known as the Shangur, seem to consist only of snow and ice and are slowly transforming the world into an icy wasteland. More than anything else, the Shangur seem to be like a race of huge insects. Like some horrific ant colony that is interested in more than merely developing its nest and providing food for the production of replacement workers – they have come to kill.

The many roleplaying game mechanics enhance and extend this strategy game effectively and give the players all the tools they need to use many different approaches to complete all 18 levels of the game – both alone and with friends – or battle it out online or locally against other gamers.