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Immanitas Entertainment reveals further details and concept art for its upcoming strategy title Frozen Hearth

Posted on 11 Dec 2012 in Latest News | Comments Off on Immanitas Entertainment reveals further details and concept art for its upcoming strategy title Frozen Hearth

Immanitas Entertainment reveals further details and concept art for its upcoming strategy title Frozen Hearth

With only a few weeks to go before launch, Immanitas Entertainment reveals further details about the immersive story in Frozen Hearth: the Danaan’s fight for survival

Berlin (14 th September 2012)– Frozen Hearth’s enticing mix of strategy and RPG is set in the world of Amorra, which the Danaan have called home for many generations. With the advancing forces of the ice demons, known as the Shangur, this is about to change.
The ancient world of Amorra draws its influences from many areas including, but not restricted to dark fairy tales, conventional fantasy, as well as Celtic, Scandinavian and other European mythologies. The aim was to create a fantastical but believable world that’s grounded in reality. It is this world, the home of the Danaan, which is under threat from the invading Shangur.

Unfortunately for the Danaan, it soon becomes apparent that the ice demons are just too powerful to be defeated and the Danaan’s only hope for survival is to flee. This is where the player’s as yet inexperienced hero comes into the picture: he is cast into the demanding position of leadership, responsible for a group of refugees that need to be lead to safety, all the while marshaling his forces and holding off marauding enemies.

Throughout the main story the gripping fight for survival unfolds and sees the player’s hero coming into his true power until he is in charge of the most elite warriors, armed with the most powerful weapons and magic and backed by other heroic figures of the Danaan: he is no longer just responsible for a single village but a source of hope for the entire Danaan people.

On his path to becoming the ultimate hero of the Danaan the player must slowly progress from saving a small caravan of refugees to being given more and more important tasks and missions from powerful and influential Danaan. During this time the hero will not only grow in personal power but also experience or witness tragedy first-hand and acquire the allies and tools to ultimately thwart the Shangur’s unrelenting drive to destroying everyone and everything in their path.

Frozen Hearth will be released in Q4 2012 and will be available for purchase in retail stores and via digital download platforms.

Title: Frozen Hearth

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy/RPG

Developer: Epiphany Games

Planned release: Q4 2012

Press Contact: Immanitas Entertainment PR

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